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This document is drafted by H-International School S.r.l. ("H-IS"), with registered office in Roncade, Via Olivetti 1 - C.F. and P. IVA 03888620261 and governs the terms and conditions of use of the software application "Glide" (the "App") owned by Glide S.r.l. / S.p.A, - ("Glide") and licensed to H-IS.

These legal notes ("Legal Notes") are to be intended as a supplement to the Terms and Conditions of Use of the App. By accessing the App, therefore, the user ("User") accepts all the legal terms and conditions hereunder and those contained in the following link: App Terms and Conditions of Use.

The App enables the User to have at his/her fingertips organisational information, staff contact details, receive photos, projects and final certificates relating to the course/school/lab ("Course" or "Courses"), organised by H-IS, in which the User has enrolled (or has enrolled the minor over whom he/she exercises parental responsibility). Through the App, the User is redirected to the Zoho platform, owned by the Zoho Group which includes all the companies listed herein ("Zoho"), where it will be possible to finalise the enrolment for the Course ("Zoho Platform"). Through the redirection, in fact, the User will receive by e-mail (on the address communicated during registration on the App) a form to be filled out in which he will be asked to enter, subject to acceptance of the Zoho’s privacy policy,, some additional personal data necessary for H-IS to guarantee the best fruition of the Course and the User's safety. In particular, through the Zoho Platform will be collected, subject to acceptance of the Zoho’s privacy policy, information relating to the dietary, medical and educational needs of the User enrolled in the Course and other data contained in the documents whose upload is requested in order to finalise the enrolment such as, purely by way of example, medical certificate, specific dietary needs, etc.

Personal information and data
All data and information entered by the User on the App and on the Zoho Platform are necessary in order to enable the execution and enjoyment of the services provided by H-IS in the context of the Course.

The User declares and warrants that the data and information provided to H-IS via the App and the Zoho Platform and the documentation uploaded therein are true, correct and such as to allow her/his (or the enrolled minor's) identification and the correct identification of her/his needs.

The User also represents and warrants that he/she is entitled, in relation to the uploading and processing, on and through the App and/or on and through the Zoho Platform, of personal data and any special categories of data contained in the uploaded documentation. The Customer further declares and warrants that it has acquired such personal data - including special categories of data - in accordance with current privacy legislation, subject to the express and free consent of the data subject or on another appropriate legal basis pursuant to Article 6(1) of the GDPR.

In this context, the User acknowledges and accepts that the personal data entered on the App during registration will be communicated to Zoho - specifically appointed as data processor - in order to allow the finalization of the enrolment to the Course and the insertion of all the information necessary to ensure the safety and the best use of the Course by the User (or the minor in case of completion by the person exercising parental responsibility). All information regarding how personal data uploaded to the Zoho Platform is processed can be found in the Zoho’s privacy policy.

The User also acknowledges and accepts that the personal data provided to H-IS for enrolment and attendance of the Course(s) - including special categories of data - may be communicated to subjects, public and private, involved in the related organisational and management activities of the Course and/or providers of ancillary services and necessary for the enjoyment of the services related to the Course. These subjects will process the Data, as the case may be, in their capacity of autonomous data controllers, or data processors; in the latter case, these subjects will act by virtue of a specific written assignment given to them by H-IS. All information on how personal data uploaded on the App is processed, communicated and stored can be found in the H-IS Privacy Policy.

The User acknowledges and agrees that H-IS is and will remain the sole and exclusive owner and proprietor of all the logos, trademarks and distinctive signs present on the App and referring to H-IS and/or the companies of the H-Farm S.p.A. group to which H-IS belongs, as well as the owner of any intellectual property right of any kind and nature existing on and/or relating to them. The User, therefore, agrees not to remove and/or attempt to remove the elements protected by copyright, trademarks and/or other distinctive signs of H-IS or its suppliers in any way displayed in the App interface.

Without the prior written approval of H-IS, no document, file, hypertext link, image, photograph, video or any other graphic element may be reproduced, copied or saved, in whole or in part, on other servers, nor published through other digital communication channels and/or online services, nor copied or stored on electronic devices, such as, but not limited to, USB, CD-ROM or any other data storage device.

In the event that the Customer, while using the App, should come into contact with or become aware in any way of the source codes, object codes and/or operating algorithms of the App itself, with reference thereto the User.

(a) may not, directly or indirectly (e.g. through the activity of third parties or other Users): (a) bypass or attempt to bypass the technical protection measures and the technical restrictions placed on the App and/or on the relevant software for the purpose of detecting codes and/or algorithms of any kind and nature (by way of example only, source codes and object codes); (b) analyse, decrypt, decompile, disassemble and/or carry out reverse engineering activities on the App and/or on the relevant software, or attempt to carry out such activities (c) altering, modifying and/or processing in any way the functionalities of the App and/or related software; and (d) extracting, copying, duplicating, storing and/or collecting, directly or indirectly, manually or through the use of special software, any data, information, code and/or algorithm of any kind and nature, used by or for the operation of the App, related software and/or however uploaded and contained within the App (c. d. data scraping);

  1. b) consequently, shall not use the services, access the App or use the relevant software in any way that may allow reproduction, creation of elaborations or derivative works or distribution to third parties of copies of material covered by intellectual property rights of H-IS and/or Glide.

Limitations of liability

The User declares and guarantees that he/she is the sole and exclusive user of the App, undertaking to keep his/her access credentials strictly confidential.

The User acknowledges and accepts that the services provided through the App are "as is" and characterised by constantly evolving technologies. Therefore, the technical characteristics of the App may be modified when necessary due to technological evolution and supply and/or organisation requirements. For further details and clarifications, please read the Terms and Conditions of Use of the App and/or contact the third-party provider directly. Consequently, no related responsibility can be attributed to H-IS.

The User acknowledges that the internet network - necessary for the use of the App - is not controlled by H-IS and that, due to the peculiar structure of the aforementioned network, no public or private entity nor H-IS is able to guarantee and monitor the performance and functionality of the network branches and to control the contents of the information that is transmitted through the same. Consequently, no related responsibility can be attributed to H-IS.

By reason of what is declared and guaranteed in the "information and personal data" section above, the User indemnifies and holds H-IS harmless from any direct and/or indirect damage that may arise for H-IS due to the uploading of information, data and documentation on the App, as well as from any liability for any direct and/or indirect damage that may arise for H-IS due to violations by the Customer of the applicable privacy regulations in relation to personal data - including special categories of data - uploaded, entered, saved and processed on the App.

H-IS cannot be held responsible, at any time and in any way, for the contents of third-party web pages that can be accessed through a hypertext link present and/or linkable from the App.